Investment Portfolio

Wealth Management

Investment Facilitators is a fully independent practice.
We will develop a carefully considered plan that never loses sight of your long-term goals, yet is flexible enough to shift with your changing circumstances.
With a clear understanding of your goals, time horizon and your tolerance for risk, we will action your plan with a portfolio that is designed for both the journey and your destination.
Together we will review your plan and portfolio so that they continue to reflect your needs, track your progress and help you make adjustments as necessary.
We pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients access to institutional fund managers and hence offering lower/reduced fund management fees.
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My goal is to help all of my clients reach their desired outcome by analyzing each scenario from a variety of angles and perspectives. 

I keep your best interests in mind.

​Before retirement date we assist in structuring your finances so that, you will be able to receive your required monthly income at retirement. Through careful planning and models, we are able to determine the level of income that is sustainable through your retirement. We focus our efforts on retirement income that will be a growing income stream where possible.

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Saving for Retirement

Grow your funds for the future. So that you can draw a reliable income at retirement age.​

Retirement Annuity

A tax efficient way to save for retirement. 
Preservation Fund

Preserve retirement savings when changing employment.